Mexico – 2015

San Diego, CA to Colima, MX and back. 2750 miles driven, $300 in tolls, 15 rounds of golf, countless tacos and more than countless beers. What a trip! The upside was we saw a lot of Mexico and spent some quality time together, including Sirloin. The downside … just getting in the car now to go to the store makes me nauseus.

Colima, MX — Jose Emilio and his pug Muffin

DSC_0152 DSC_0136 DSC_0082

La vida del coco

They start high in the palmera
Then some dude climbs the tree (without a rope) cuts down the coconuts and they end in pile in the corner of the yard
Then Don Roman's helper (I really mean quasi-slave) chops the botton flat and cracks the top. I add ice and rum for my own version of a coco loco. This afternoon I had one with a tasty pork loin tostada
One machete chop later and dessert!